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Fabriscape, Inc. offers the widest variety of landscape fabrics/geotextiles and erosion control products in the industry.  Our fabrics are used for many applications including weed control, soil separator, patio/paver underliner, filter/drain fabrics, pond underlayment, road underliner, frost protection, etc.

Our full line of retail fabrics are perfect for every garden center, nursery and stone yard.  We also offer a full range of sizes for our professional grade fabrics that will fulfill the needs of any landscape contractor.

For installation instructions for the following applications, please click here:

  • Weed Control
  • Patio/Paver Underliner
  • Filter/Drain Fabric
  • FabriJute

Installation Instructions

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Fabriscape, Inc. has been a full service supplier of quality geotextile fabrics and erosion control products to the landscape, irrigation and construction industries since 1983. The wide variety of fabrics and sizes we offer give the most cost-effective options for distributors, contractors, retailers and consumers.

Fabrics for your every need

Includes: Straw Blanket, Fabrijute, Burlap, Jute Netting, Geogrid, Silt Fence

Includes: Driveway/Road Underliners, Pond Underliner, Rip Rap Underliner, Playground Underliner

Includes: Steel Securing Pins, Plastic Securing Pegs, Landscape Knives

Includes: Weed Control, Patio/Paver Underliner, Soil Separator, Filter/Drain Fabric, Frost Blanket, Woven Ground Cover.

Available in Retail and Bulk rolls.