frost blanket

Protects your plants from frost and wind damage.

Woven ground cover

UV stabilized woven fabric ideal for greenhouses and nursery fields.

landscape fabrics

Each of our fabrics can be used for multiple applications.  The different weights and thicknesses we offer will satisfy any landscape architects specifications.  This variety will provide you with the most cost effective way to get the job done professionally.  Available in retail and bulk sizes.

Weed Control

Fabriscape weed control fabrics prevent unwanted weeds in an environmentally friendly way.  All our fabrics allow air, water, and fertilizers to pass through to plant roots.  All fabrics are permanent when covered from sunlight.

filter/drain fabrics

Fabriscape filter fabrics protect drain systems by maintaining flow and by preventing soil and silt from clogging the drainage system.

Patio/paver underliner

Fabriscape paver/patio block underliners keep the base and subgrade from intermixing.  This prevents cracking and heaving and will increase the life of your patio.